How to Find Cheap Plane Ticket

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For most of us, our main concern is to pay the least expensive costing in our budget, the plane ticket. Find an airline cheap plane is not an easy thing, but it is possible.


Buy Online

Obviously you do not need for personal advice from an agency but it saves the cost of services provided by an agency. In fact the ticket price and even being booked online, or by agency, but it is the price of service that differs.


Make an idea of ​​prices by comparing flights

These sites offer you the best rate available to them questioning the sites of travel agencies and online companies. There are many on the market and you will find roughly the same price everywhere, but some are better than others with more or less options. Such as flight with or without stopovers, flexible dates, some propose a graph with the evolution of prices depending on the period, a must! Once you have found a flight on comparators will check the prices on the website of the company, it is often cheaper.


Multi-destination research

Sites allow you to search for multicast flight practice when planning to visit several countries without having to return to the city of arrival, and it is often cheaper.


Low-cost flights

Traveling with low costs, yes it is possible only places are expensive and dates are fixed. It is also necessary to pay attention to extras like luggage and conditions of redemption of the Notes. Beware of taxes that may be equivalent to the price of the ticket. Read the terms and conditions.


Book at the right time

The best way to get a good price is to book as early as possible, because a quota is reserved in each aircraft at the best price. Once this quota has been exhausted there is more interesting than a stocking tickets last minute. The best time is in January-February and September, and more generally from Tuesday to Thursday. Prices are subject to greater variations weekend, so it will be more expensive to book Saturday until Tuesday. Prices rise if you book during school holidays, weekends and holidays. Summer is the most expensive time to buy a plane ticket.


Good time to go

For the big day, if you can, choose a starting week. Forget also on Monday and Friday. As for booking travel in off-peak periods, avoid leaving during school holidays, weekends and holidays. Consider also the timing of the country or appointment as special events like the Carnival of Venice and Rio, the Chinese New Year…



During your search, remember to look at, if you are close to several major international airports, the price at the start of a neighboring country. Add the cost of the train ticket or tickets to get there and see if it still worth it …


The auction

Occasionally, some sites offer tickets at unbeatable auction prices. However, the dates are not flexible and time on site is generally one to two weeks. See for yourself!


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